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to the first-rate refregiration complex in the city of Kyiv and Kyiv region

Khladokombinat №3

We are offering advantageous cooperation

Trust to our 30 years experience on the frozen food producing and storage market!

We can provide for:

  • Meat and seafood refregiration

  • Vegetables and fruits quick-freeze

  • Long-time food storage in prescripted temperature conditions (- 24C/- 31F and up). Combined refregiration systems may be used

  • Premises for rent (to accomodate offices or associated production)

  • Ice production

Please, visit also Services section for addiotional information


  • "Khladokombinat #3" occupies the area of 2,5 hectares. Conviniently located with respect to the city's trading network

  • Refrigerating chambers capasity is 20 000 tonnes

  • We use modern refrigerating equipment

  • Highly intense cold processing techniques are used

  • Driveway and railroad access are available

Terms and conditions:

  • Moderate service prices

  • Flexible payment methods

  • All services may be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week upon customer request

  • Our customers have an access to food marketing outlets in Kyiv and Kyiv region

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